Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes with Espresso Frosting, Bacon & Waffles!



Yes, you read it correctly  These cupcakes are essentially everything you need for a three course breakfast including your coffee.

After taking a break from bacon & baking while we did some kitchen modifications this is the perfect recipe to come back to.  For those in the mood for something quick and easy, this is not it.

The best thing about this recipe is the candied bacon.  I never made it before and everyone love it!  I mean really really loved it.  You are basically frying bacon in cinnamon and sugar!!  Trust me, when these are complete not only will you have a visual masterpiece of a cupcake but if you are smart you will undercook some candied bacon and save some for the weekend.  You will be everyone’s favorite chef.  Now Hit the Recipe Button and Bake!!

Click For Recipe!

¸.•´¯) *Link To Detailed Recipe —oOOo—-‘(__)’—-oOOo—Is Right Under Your Nose*¸.•´¯)

Instructables – How to Eat A Cupcake for Breakfast

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