Double Shot – Sweet Potato Bourbon Cupcakes

Double Shot  – Sweet Potato Bourbon Cupcakes

As Thanksgiving approaches so is the need to get creative with Sweet Potatoes, and nothing sparks creativity like a shot of Bourbon!
If you are at an adult function then you can really pour in the bourbon, so these are now like little sweet potato bourbon shots! How divine and naughty is that. The recipe is from bakerella and she suggests as well adding more whiskey. She says that if she had to make these over again, she would find a way to just add the bourbon to the vanilla glaze. So it’s now a double – a shot inside and a shot on top.
Warm these up after a meal with some coffee and its Nighty Night! You know what to do….hit the Recipe Button and BAKE!!

Click For Recipe!

¸.•´¯) *Link To Detailed Recipe —oOOo—-‘(__)’—-oOOo—Is Right Under Your Nose*¸.•´¯)


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