Marshmallow Fudge Brownie Cupcakes

Marshmallow Fudge Brownie Cupcakes

This recipe is tricky tricky tricky.  Not so much in taste but in appearance.  No matter what you do, they taste great, so if that’s your concern then don’t worry.

The recipe is simple:

I used Betty Crocker Family size fudge brownie mix. Be careful not to over fill the pan or liners.  With one full batch, make 12 cupcakes, there should be a little batter left over.

Now drop a Marshmallow in the middle and bake per the Brownie box directions.

Here are the watch-outs.


These little guys are sticky.  Either grease the pan very well, use parchment cupcake liners.  Pamper Chef has them, or use silicone cupcake liners.


Getting the Marshmallow to Rise like the Picture is also tricky.  You have two scenarios, exploding cupcakes and falling cupcakes.  This is due to cooking times.  After baking for 15 minutes your cupcakes will look just like the picture.

When you check them however they won’t be done.  When you bake further they might explode.  The key here is to cut the big marshmallow in half!

copper coconut does a good job of including a ton of pictures as she creates this recipe.  Good Luck and comment with your experience.




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