Samoa Caramel Drizzle Cupcakes


Samoa cupcakes and recipe



This is my third recipe for  Samoa cupcakes however this recipe takes things up another notch. If you look closely these are not just sticking Girl Scout cookies on top of a cup cake and sprinkling coconut (although that works too). This is rolling up your sleeves and baking these cupcakes from scratch and without the cookies. This cupcake is your Samoa!

Sometime I cheat and just start o

ff with box cupcakes, but in preparation for Thanksgiving I figured I would tackle this recipe from beginning to end. This will ease me into the upcoming weeks where I will have to be a virtual baking machine.


The Watch out here is the homemade caramel sauce.  If you are a pro then you should have no issues. Jackyln calls this out in her recipe write up. She warns that removing the sauce too early and you will not get the deep caramel flavor we want, however leaving it too long creates some bitterness. I think I was in the camp of leaving it on too long. I got a hint of a little bitterness but not enough for anyone to really notice…..and not enough to re-do.

Of course if you are pressed for time and don’t have the luxury of baking from scratch you can always start off with a Duncan Hines recipe although after finishing this up I can tell you it won’t taste nearly as good. I also understand the plight of the busy mom where often taste is sacrificed for convenience.

What are you waiting for! Hit the Recipe Button and Bake!!

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