Mini Pancake, Buttermilk Cupcakes Vol. I


Buttermilk Pancake Cupcakes

It’s funny, the creator of this recipe basically found the recipe the same way I did. I saw the pin for the recipe on Pinterest, clicked the link and it sent me nowhere.

Having saw the picture of the pancakes on top of the cupcakes, my mouth began to water and pucker for the buttermilk taste. I now knew they existed. In this day and age, just knowing that something exists provide you a whole new list of words to Google and BOOYAH! (R.I.P. Stuart Scott)

This is why this recipe is referred to as Volume I. I have found a slew of breakfast type recipes that I will be making and sharing one by one and they all involve pancakes….and sometime bacon. This one we are starting with seemed to honestly be the easiest. As I get ready to find some type of cupcakes for my husband’s Super Bowl blowout, I want to ease into some new recipes and this seemed the best way to do it.

I recommend just making these after you make pancakes for breakfast, or just making the pancakes and the frosting and dare I say skip the cupcake. Either way, this is a pretty easy straightforward recipe.

Click the recipe button below…..and BAKE!

Click For Recipe!

¸.•´¯) *Link To Detailed Recipe —oOOo—-‘(__)’—-oOOo—Is Right Under Your Nose*¸.•´¯)


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