Superbowl Party Nacho Cupcakes – Recipe


superbowl nach cupakes

Can you believe that Superbowl weekend is here already?  That means a few things:

  1. Winter is almost over.  Yay!
  2. Football is over.  Yay!
  3. Time for me to flex my cupcake muscles.

Because the Superbowl festivities at my house start early.  Usually around 2:00 PM I typically baked three sets of cupcakes for the guys.  They are all mainly sport themed and these nacho cupcakes definitely make the cut.  At first glance they actually look like nachos – people began to wonder if I’m crazy or perhaps the sweet chocolate with salsa might actually be tasty.

Once you realize that the “salsa” is really jelly and the cheese is really icing you really how amazing these cupcakes really are.  You will have a guaranteed hit on your hands.  The kids love fooling their friends with these as well.

For the full recipe – hit the recipe button below and Bake!!

Click For Recipe!

¸.•´¯) *Link To Detailed Recipe —oOOo—-‘(__)’—-oOOo—Is Right Under Your Nose*¸.•´¯)

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