Caramel Candy Apple Cupcakes [Recipe]

Caramel Candy Apple Cupcakes [Recipe]

Does anyone know what the number one problem with a caramel apple is?  They are just so dar-gone hard to eat.  I don’t know about you, but half the time I want to throw away that stick and just grab the apple and eat it!  I end up biting it at all weird angles, getting sticky knuckles and getting caramel all over my face….don’t ask.

I think I look like this


But I really look like this:


This recipe puts an end to all that madness.  My issue here was dealing with the caramel.


In the recipe there are two warnings about working with the caramel.

The first says not to heat it up too hot because then it would be really hard when it cools.  The second advice is to serve the cupcakes the same day that you bake them.

Well after making some super sticky, super hard caramel like mess, I decided to use my own recipe for caramel.  It’s called, Trader Joes Caramel Sauce!

This way if I want to wait a day, I can warm the cupcakes, warm the caramel sauce and Voila!  I’m not saying it tastes better then making the caramel yourself, I’m just saying it was a lot easier and tasted pretty dang good.  Click the Recipe button and get to baking!

Click For Recipe!

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