Boston Cream Cupcakes


Boston 2

Look at these beauties!!

I had the recipe for these a few weeks ago however, the whole Boston bombing thing was a little too much and honestly I didn’t want to mention Boston when telling my kids why these cupcakes looked the way they did.  So rather than make them and call them something else, I figured I would wait a few weeks until Boston is out of the news.  As it’s still fresh in our memories, thank goodness the kids have moved past the experience on to something new.

Then I can bake and explain to my kids how a Boston Cream Pie is really a cake, and how it’s filled with custard and more importantly how great it all tastes!!

For this recipe you have a choice you can make things really easy by buying chocolate syrup and Vanilla pudding or you can make your own chocolate Ganache glaze and custard from scratch. For me it depends on how much time I have, the mood and who is getting the cupcakes.

Click For Recipe!

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