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As summer starts to wind down, so does the hot days in the kitchen and my baking starts to pick up.  I typically bake more in the winter just because of school functions and holidays, it just works out that way.  Speaking of working out, I also tend to lose weight in the summer and gain a few sizes during the off season.

I have whittled my way down to a solid size 8, down from a winter time size 12.  I have gone this year down to a size 6 and I’m always about a cupcake away from 8 and two cupcakes away from a 12.  Let me tell you, cooking German Chocolate cupcakes today does not help.

This is a recipe that I want to get perfected for the upcoming school season as I think they will do well at the bake sales.  The scary part about this cupcake is simply the frosting.  It just looks scary but when you breakdown the recipe it’s quite simple: store brought shredded coconut, store brought pecans, egg yolks, sugar and butter.  See – a snap.

You will have to decide if you make the cupcakes themselves from scratch or use a bake mix.  For me it comes down to time.  I’m not going to kid myself and tell you it always taste better from scratch as I’m not that good.  I just want to perfect the topping, once I have that down the rest I can do in my sleep.

Good Luck!! Click the Recipe button and BAKE!!

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