Baked Alaska Cupcake Flambe – Recipe


Flaming Baked Alaska Cupcakes 1a

This is one the best recipe’s I’ve found on the internet…hands down.  Who would have “Thunk it”.  Not only will you steal the show with these beauties they also taste damn good.

What you don’t see in the picture and if you are a novice like myself who didn’t realize that there is actually ice cream inside these cupcakes!  They are basic vanilla cupcakes and the centers are cut out and filled with ice cream.  In my case, pure chocolate ice cream because I wanted that chocolate – vanilla contrast.  However, you can choose any flavor you want.

The ice cream is then covered by the Flambe (the thing that actually burns on top of the cupcake).  The Flambe is basically a frosting (egg whites, sugar and cream) mixed with Brandy.  As Heather from sprinklebakes says – heating up the brandy beforehand allows for a longer, slower burn.

I say again…don’t be afraid of this Recipe.  It’s not easy but it’s not difficult.  I would rate it right down the middle.  I really didn’t run into many issues and the response I had was ridiculous.  Bring these out and watch the response.  You will blow them away.

Last bit of advice, I used the set up exactly like in the picture.  I had white microwavable saucers that looked the same and also a metal pan.  I even cleared the table cloth and served them on my glass table and of course had the fire extinguisher nearby.  My husband always says “Don’t burn the house down”, I wanted to make sure I followed that advice!  J  I also lit a practice one first because I had no idea what was going to happen.

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