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Oreo Bite Minis

I realize there is no shortage of Oreo cupcake recipes, event this site might have a dozen however…this is one of those recipes that look like a lot more work than they really are.  There is nothing like people thinking you slaved over a hot stove for hours – it just might buy you 30 minutes of peace and quiet.

The secret here is Crescent roll dough.  What you see that gives this dessert the cupcake like appearance is actually crescent roll dough placed in your muffin pan.  But these are Mini’s, so that is a mini Oreo and these are bite-sized.  This means you will have to make a lot.  I lost six of them somewhere between my oven and the dining room table (my stomach and waistline found them).

You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome; this joins the list of my favs.

Hit the Recipe button below and BAKE!!

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