Mini Oreo No Bake Cheese (cup) Cakes


Oreo Cheese Cake bites

I swear Oreo’s have to be one of the most versatile baking cookies in the world. In the fall/winter/spring I’m not that big into “No Bake” recipes however, I saw this recipe and we had some extra Philadelphia cream cheese and I needed a reason to go buy Oreo’s so this was the perfect fit.

The author of this is a woman after my own heart. She took the recipe that was posted on the Australian Philadelphia cream cheese site, simplified it and in my opinion made them more visually appealing. Now instead of crushing Oreo for a crust, you can just lay down one full Oreo – the trick as you will see and learn, is getting the Oreo Cream Cheese mixture to sit on the Oreo in a perfect cylinder. Probably the hardest part of the recipe.

Hit the Recipe button and Bake…or in this instance Don’t bake

Click For Recipe!

¸.•´¯) *Link To Detailed Recipe —oOOo—-‘(__)’—-oOOo—Is Right Under Your Nose*¸.•´¯)

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